A Masquerade on the Internet

MAN Ching-ying Phoebe 1999-2000

People can see each other live in the chat rooms. I work with my male friends to construct prostheses there. They use my body to realize their ideal images of an online woman. They also control the words and the actions of the online body. Together we are a person with a separate body and mind. People in the chat room will see my body and think that they are talking to a girl. My friends can try to use another gender to socialize with the people in the chat rooms. After we finish this part, we will exchange roles. I will dress them up and use their bodies to meet people in the chat rooms.

The women that they want to be in the chat rooms are as follows

(Please roll over their names to see their designs, click them to read how they feel after the project.)

Thought Review1, 2(Chinese only)