Phoebe Man

Rewind Autumn Moon

Video Installation

Hong Kong Film Archive



Artist Statement
re-wind, again and again, reminiscence, 1997, immigration, Clara Law, Autumn Moon, I hope someone will interview me, ask me all about myself,
I realise I begin to forget the answers myself, ask again, another answer; ask again, remember more; ask again, remember to forget .....

Description of the installation
There were 2 screens hanging from the ceiling of the gallery of Hong Kong Film Archive. Two videos were shown. One was a looping of the excerpt of Clara Law's
film "Autumn Moon". Another one was a looping of my video (6'10") which was a response to Clara Law ‘s film “Autumn Moon" . (To make a work respond to one Hong Kong
Film maker was the rule of the exhibition "Re-wind"). In the video, I was talking to the film, answering the questions in the film. There was a line of mirror on the screen,
reflecting part of the videos in the room. Since the screen was movable, the reflection was not stable. A big empty room having several thin lines of video floating created certain kind of lonely feeling.


Black words are the monologue of an actor in the Clara law directed movie “Autumn Moon”.

Grey words are the monologue of Phoebe Man talking to herself in front of the television.


I yearn so much

For someone to interview me

It has been so long, so very long …

When someone'd ask me …

Where my hometown is?

Po On Province.

Actually, I haven't been there before. Can I still call it my hometown?

I guess Hong Kong is a better answer.

How many brothers and sisters do I have?

Two younger brothers

My mother was baby-sitting a boy eight years ago. He also called me “sister”. Can I say I have three brothers then?

What is my most favorite color?

All harmonious colors

My horoscope?


Which year did I stop growing up?

When I was in Form 3…

I wish I could be taller

What size of shoes do I wear?


What kind of job did my father do?

My father worked on a ship.

My grandparents, did they have teeth?

I guess not, perhaps just a few, I don't know…

When did I begin to look at girls' breasts?

When did I begin to look at boys?

In kindergarten! I thought I would marry a thin guy in my class, just because we had been in the same class for two consecutive years.

When did I begin to look at girls' breasts?

Hmm… in form 3 when I attended the first swimming lesson, I compared mine with my classmates’…

Where did I first make love?

I am not sure which was my first time, since my puppy lover and I had several experiments … 

What is the happiest moment of my life?

When I was accepted by the Chinese University and knew I need not take the A- Level exam.

When I received a scholarship for further studies in the US…

When I was in love…

The most painful?

My father suddenly died.

What am I most frightened of?

loss of direction


In this world, what makes it worth it

For me to breath, every 3 second,

What makes it worth it?

What is it worth?

My family

My art work

I don't know …

I also haven't asked myself a long time

I realize

I begin to forget the answers myself.

I’ve been talking to myself more and more.

I try to love myself more.

I wish I could be happy on my own.