Our HKU Map 我們的港大地圖 (closed, 停用) 

My HKU Map 我的港大地圖 (available 可用)
These two web/public arts are shown in the Graduate House of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), starting from April 10, 2006 to May 26, 2006.
Audience can choose one favorite public space in HKU to make another HKU map.
All the places chosen by the audience will be shown in "Our HKU Map".
If the audiences want to choose more than one place, they can go to "My HKU Map".
They can choose all the places they like and a new HKU map will be made.
Resetting the map is to emphasize the importance of an individual and the public. It can be subjective and imaginative. It shows the desire of an individual, the culture and the memories of a group of people.
It can also function as a map to show the way what the public's want to go and the position of the
architecture in the heart of the public. - Phoebe Man

觀眾只需選擇自己最喜歡的一個港大公共空間, 便能參與創作港大新地圖。
大家所選擇的公共空間會顯示在「我們的港大地圖」內。若有觀眾想選擇多個地方,可 登入「我的港大地圖」,觀眾可自行選擇所有建築物, 再組合成一幅新地圖。
重塑地圖是一個公眾和個人權力的行使和肯定, 它容許非客觀成份,可以是想像的, 顯示個人喜好和集體的文化記憶,亦正如地圖一樣,能指示(公眾的好惡)方向和(建築在 人們心中的)位置。 -文晶瑩