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II, 2012



*袁成志,〈概論:性罪犯的種類、統計數字、背景特徽、犯事原因、治療方法及成效〉,性罪犯評估及治療工作小組編輯,《性本無罪 : 性罪行的成因與治療》,香港 : 社會福利署臨床心理服務科,2004,頁11

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Rewriting History II (2012, January)

Phoebe Man’s paper installation Rewriting History II has transformed photos of sex offenders in the newspapers into silhouettes and turned them into paper cutouts. A number of these paper cutouts were stuck together to form a circle. These objects can symbolize an endless cycle. The work references research* by the Social Welfare Department in Hong Kong which affirms that many offenders repeat their crime(s). Some of them are believed to have committed sexual crimes hundreds or thousands of times, according to the answers to the questionnaires of the research. Furthermore, the research indicated that sexual assault could be a form of sex addiction. Rewriting History II presents the nature of this crime.

Advertisements for prevention of sexual crimes seldom mention the perpetrator(s). The victims are always the focus. In this work Rewriting History II supports both the wrongdoers’ rehabilitation and victimsrecovery. Both sides are put in focus.

* Yuen Shing Chi. ‘Introduction: the types of sex offenders, statistics, background, the causes, treatment methods and effectiveness’. Working Group on Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offender .ed. The causes and treatment of sexual offenses. Hong Kong: Clinical Psychological Service Branch, Social Welfare Department, 2004, p.11.


2012 作品為自己說話 - 冼紈、文晶瑩裝置作品展, 伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃, 伙炭, 香港。

Rewriting History II Exhibition History:

2012 Let the Works Speak For Themselves: Installation by Sin Yuen and Phoebe Man, Fotan Artists open Studios, Fotanian, Hong Kong.